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Threat Hunting Workshop with Exclusive Networks – April 25

2019-04-25 @ 12:00 - 16:30 CEST

Threat Hunting Workshop with Exclusive Networks – April 25 1

Join us for the Threat Hunting Workshop: “Network meets Endpoint Edition”

Starting with a presentation explaining the tools, techniques and procedures used by adversaries and how to detect and contain these types attacks. We’ll go over the weaponization of a multi-staged attack, process execution, privilege escalation, beaconing, lateral movement and data exfiltration and provide you with the endpoint and networks indicators and how to obtain this evidence.

We will continue with a live demonstration of how an advanced adversary compromises your network, using different techniques to move laterally, do credential scraping and network recon.

Finally we’ll discuss several behaviour based solutions that can efficiently detect these kinds of attacks, provide you with full visibility and automate response to mitigate the threat.


12:00 – Welcome & Lunch
13:00 – Introduction to Threat Hunting – finding evidence, what to look for
14:00 – Demo of a network breach
15:00 – BREAK
15:15 – How Machine Learning technology can detect these attack techniques
16:30 – Q&A and End


Threat Hunting Workshop with Exclusive Networks – April 25 2


12:00 - 16:30 CEST
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