Less is More

Less is More


Customers demand on systems are rapidly changing, and we are quickly moving towards intelligent systems. With the increasing demands, intelligent systems handles input from a wide array of sources, and feeding a rapidly growing amount of end user devices.


You need to stay competitive, and in order for you to do so  your systems need to be scalable.  However, it is a costly process to add complexity, not to mention the cost of hardware, licenses, maintenance, and personnel that comes with a more complex system. So, what are your options?


The evolution of hardware have been a steady pace of decreasing size and reducing the distance for signaling. In doing so, it has constantly given us higher performance., When you look at software, the basic principles have remained the same for decades, however, as with everything else, the software industry is making improvements. In-memory platforms with in-memory databases are emerging, and cognitive systems are  becoming the new standard. We seeing that software is taking the same path as hardware and gaining performance by reducing complexity, and we are seeing the end of costly complexity, hardware, licenses, maintenance and personnel.


“In-memory computing is racing towards mainstream adoption” – Gartner

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